The MyIdeaMatters programme helps business brains, community understanding and youthful enthusiasm to work together to create ideas that really make a difference. This exciting programme engages students from local colleges, delivers outstanding workshops that raise skills and identify young people ready to make a difference in their local communities.


What do you need me to do?

What happens then?


We run workshops to get people thinking about how they can make a difference

We run a community challenge day to shape and present the best ideas

We work together over a day to deliver the best ideas in the community


Discover the benefits for you

175 young people more likely to get a job


We deliver 7 powerful employability workshops in your community, partnering with colleges and universities.  The workshops help students raise their aspirations and motivate themselves to become more employable. We help them understand how they too can use their skills and resources to make the difference, just like our sponsors.

7 teams of young people working to make a difference

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5 students from each engagement workshop who demonstrate the most commitment to making a difference are invited to take part in the Community Challenge day. The students work in diverse teams, giving space to contribute their unique skill sets. The students learn a powerful process to help shape ideas when working collaboratively. It’s a process that increases their ability to add value to future employers and make things happen in their community.

7 powerful ideas to help business impact the community

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On the Community Challenge day the students work in teams to create and present an idea that can make a difference. 7 teams present their ideas to be evaluated by our business and community experts to decide which ideas have taken into consideration the parameters set like budget, man hours, resources and time scale. Our sponsors and social experts can use any or all of the ideas, or consult with the students to turn them into something more effective.

7 employees receiving outstanding training in group innovation

Employees working for our sponsors will receive a training day in their offices to learn the Storm Process. Our methodology can be used to guide the students on the Community Challenge day to come up with ideas that balance the needs of all stakeholders. In addition, they will learn how they can apply the Storm Process to solve complex problems in the workplace. They will discover how to make a difference and add value at the same time.

7 new relationships between business and education

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Education institutions and employers want the same thing: to get the right person in the right job. What’s so powerful about the Community Challenge is that employers get to see students working at their very best, and under pressure, on a project with wide ranging impact. Students can showcase the fruits of their education in a real world environment, helping employers and educators to see new possibilities of working together closer in the future.


40 people helping to make an impact

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Once the Community Challenge day is over and the best ideas selected, the time has come to turn the idea into reality. Working together to form one large workforce, the students, employees and social experts work together to deliver some CSR worth shouting about and let the students know what it is to feel that ‘MyIdeaMatters’.

1 great story for your PR

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The Community Challenge gives a lot to shout about. We can help you shape the press release that tells the story that needs to be told. A story that shows how you helped make the difference to so many people in your community. Here's some more ideas about the story you can tell




Making Great Ideas

We have tools that will blow your mind, that will change the way you find solutions and generate ideas that truly matter.

Making The Difference

If you have a project that needs an injection of energy, enthusiasm and real, implementable solutions to help you make a difference, you may be just what we are looking for.

Making You Matter

Our social innovation challenge raises the bar on CSR, helping your company to deliver real impact while enabling young people in the community.